Not Your Average Workout!

Aerial and Pole fitness are perfect for people who want to improve their fitness and flexibility in a fun and unique way! It is perfect for all levels - from absolute beginner to advanced. Our students are always pleasantly surprised by how much stronger they are after just a couple of classes.

It is a wonderful creative outlet that allows you to explore and express yourself! You will be welcomed into a supportive and vibrant community that will make you day brighter!


Silks is a dynamic and visual apparatus that involves climbing and wrapping around strong fabric that is split into two tails. It is a graceful and challenging discipline that will have you addicted from your first class!

Silks can be enjoyed by everyone! Your instructor will tailor the class to match your level of fitness and experience and have you flying in no time!

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Pole Fitness focuses on the graceful and athletic aspects of pole dancing. In this class you will learn how to control your body as you lift, pull, twist and transition around a vertical pole.

Poles can be set to spin or remain static. Both provide different skills and fun challenges as you build strength, flexibility and confidence.

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Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra) is a round metal ring that is suspended in the air. You will learn how to spin, lift, roll and transition around the hoop as you build strength, stamina and flexibility.

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Aerial Hammock is made from the same strong silk fabric, except the silk is hung in a loop. Aerial hammock is very versatile. You can work on your strength, flexibility and endurance at your own pace with the added support from the loop.

However, don't think that this apparatus is just for beginner's! In hammock you will learn how to wrap, twist, lift and spin yourself into an unlimited number of positions, even working up to some big drops.

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